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Background music for this podcast provided courtesy of the Charlie Hunter Trio and Ropeadope Records

Follow the links below to purchase this track!

Charlie Hunter Trio
Cueball Bobbin

A portion of the sales from this page will be used to pay for hosting fees. The Live Music Podcast thanks you in advance for your support!

From now until tomorrow you can download Todd Snider's new album completely free.

Unfortunately for me I picked this up a couple weeks ago before I knew this.  However, he's the type of artist that I feel good about paying for his CDs.  He puts on great live shows and has an awesome taping policy so I probably owe him a few extra bucks for all the free live stuff I have listened to.

The album is only 8 tracks and includes a nice cover of Fortunate Son.  I would say that overall this is more of a die hard Todd Snider album rather than one for the masses but it's worth a listen.

Todd Snider
Peace Queer
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Besides downloading tons of live music another hobby of mine is listening to mashups.  If this is a new term for you, a mashup is a song created from parts of two or more songs put together. 

I've been making my own mashup compilations for a while and this is one I've recently been working on for a Halloween party this Friday.  Feel free to use it at a Halloween gathering near you!

Download link: The_Live_Music_Podcasts_Halloween_Mashup_Mix_08.mp3

Track List:
1) This Is Halloween - Cheekyboy
2) The Withcdoctor vs the Exorcist - dj BC
3) Black Magic Thriller - Voicedude
4) So Into Funky Ghost Hunting - DJ M.i.F.
5) I Think She Knows I Put a Spell On Her - DJ Earlybird
6) Devil Went Down On Betty - Autopilot
7) Don't Scream Halloween's Paid In Full - Apollo Zero
8) Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide - Cheekyboy
9) Jack the Monkey - Pichard
10) Haunted House of Mashups - dj BC
11) The Megablast of Dragula - Dj Clive$ter
12) Somebody's Sunglasses - Cheekyboy
13) Don't Cross the Streams! - Don Loves You
14) Highway Reaper - Divide and Kreate
15) Spooked - LeeDM101

Category:Other -- posted at: 10:29pm EDT

The past two episodes I have started the show off with a message to encourage you to vote. So it’ll come as no surprise then that with less than 2 weeks before one of the most important elections in US history that is exactly how I will begin this one. I will continue to stay non-partisan so I’ve included links to both candidates websites where you can read more about their stances on key issues which hopefully will be how you are making your decision this November 4th.

Another good resource is which is a great website that monitors the factual accuracy of statements made by the candidates and their campaigns. Please check it out before taking those attack ads on TV at face value.

For this episode’s music I am featuring a Canadian band that was recorded in 2005 and isn’t currently touring so you might not think there is a political connection. In fact I downloaded this concert while searching for political songs for my last episode. In search of anything Bruce Springsteen, I came across a concert by the Arcade Fire playing a cover of his song “State Trooper”. It is the eighth track on the set list in case you are listening for it. My apologies go out to those listeners that are getting sick of this political stuff and I thank you for staying with me.

Follow the link below to listen to the full concert
The Arcade Fire - Las Vegas, NV - 10/30/05

Support the artists by buying music and watching them live!

1) Wake up
2) Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
3) No Cars Go
4) Haiti
5) Age Of Consent
6) Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
7) Rebellion (Lies)
8) State Trooper
9) Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

Neon Bible
  Funeral         More...
Purchase on Itunes   Purchase on Itunes
      More from Itunes...

Check out Arcade Fire's homepage

For more live Arcade Fire here is the link to the NPR Live In Concert Episode from February 27, 2007.

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Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:51pm EDT

Hello everyone and welcome to the Live Music Podcast episode 35. If you are joining us from the Live Music Blog then let me welcome you back for Part 2 of Keep on Votin’ in the Free World. If not make sure you check out Part 1.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, the theme for this episode is registering new voters. Voter registration deadlines are fastly approaching in many states, with October 4th being the first, so there is no time to waste if you aren’t yet registered. Even if you are not planning on voting it is still a very good idea to register in case you make the decision to vote when it’s too late. There really aren’t any downsides to registering…it’s fast and requires very little effort. A great place to start the process is by going to non-partisan websites or to begin the registration process or to check the voter registration deadlines in your state.

Part 2 of Keep on Votin’ in the Free World takes place where Part 1 left off with more great sounding audience recordings featuring politically charged music. Once again all music was downloaded via and for artists with open taping policies. Thanks again to the bands for allowing these recordings and to the tapers that made them. Please enjoy part 2 and if you still need to register do it today!

Track Listing:
1) A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall @ - Edie Brickell - 1990-07-14
2) Ohio # - Brian Dolzani - 2006-05-29
3) Fortunate Son $ - Todd Snider - 2008-08-04
4) War Pigs % - Leftover Salmon - 2002-10-31
5) Everyday People ^ - All Mighty Senators - 2008-02-29
6) For What It's Worth & - Ekoostik Hookah - 2007-10-19
7) I Am a Patriot + - The Reuben James - 2007-08-08
8) Bullet in the Blue Sky ## - Perpetual Groove - 2007-12-31
9) The Times They Are a Changin' @ - Bluegrass Underground - 2007-01-26
10) Imagine $$ - Blues Traveler - 1995-11-19

Killing in the Name ** - Tea Leaf Green - 2004-01-09

@ Bob Dylan cover
# Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young cover
$ Creedence Clearwater Revival cover
% Black Sabbath cover
^ Sly and the Family Stone cover
& Buffalo Springfield cover
+ Little Steven cover
## U2 cover
$$ John Lennon cover
** Rage Against the Machine

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