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Background music for this podcast provided courtesy of the Charlie Hunter Trio and Ropeadope Records

Follow the links below to purchase this track!

Charlie Hunter Trio
Cueball Bobbin

A portion of the sales from this page will be used to pay for hosting fees. The Live Music Podcast thanks you in advance for your support!

If you are a fan of the blues you will definitely enjoy this live set from Joe Bonamassa on World Cafe Live.

Joe Bonamassa - World Cafe Live in Philadelphia - 8/14/09

Song Listing
1) Bridge to Better Days
2) So Many Roads
3) Further on up the Road
4) Great Flood
5) Had to Cry Today
6) Sloe Gin
7) Woke Up Dreaming
8) Just Got Paid

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Live from Nowhere in Particular   The Ballad of John Henry
  Blues Deluxe

Check out tour dates for Joe Bonamassa here.

Category:Feature Streams -- posted at: 12:40pm EDT

If you are lucky enough to be in San Fransisco this weekend for the Outside Lands festival this post will be of little concern to you. However if you are like me the webcast is the closest I am going to get. Thanks to Justin at The Live Music Blog for the schedule below.

Outside Lands 2009 Webcast Schedule

Friday, 8/28
2:30pm – Built to Spill
3:30pm – Zap Mana
4:05pm – Midnight
5:05pm – West Indian Girl
5:50pm – Q-Tip
6:50pm – Silversun Pickups
7:40pm – Thievery Corporation

Saturday, 8/29
2:05pm – Raphael Saadiq
3:05pm – Zion I
3:55pm – TBA
4:55pm – Streetsweepers Social Club
5:40pm – TBA
6:40pm – Jason Mraz
7:30pm – Dave Matthews Band

Sunday, 8/30
2:00pm – Cage the Elephant
2:35pm – Robert Randolph & the Family Band
3:35pm – Atmosphere
4:20pm – TBA
5:20pm – Autolux
5:35pm – Bettye Lavette
6:35pm – Ween
7:35pm – Incubus

Category:Other -- posted at: 3:12pm EDT

Category:Other -- posted at: 2:10pm EDT

The artist for this show is another great musician that I’ve been trying to feature for some time. If this is your first exposure to Donavon Frankenreiter he is a singer/song writer who’s bio reads a lot like Jack Johnson…both professional surfers turned musicians. Not surprisingly the two are long time friends and Donavon’s debut album was even released on Jack’s Brushfire Records. While this first album had more of a laid back acoustic feel similar to Jack, his albums since have stood apart and even mixed in some 70s inspired funk. The concert I will be playing was recorded at the Greenfield Lake Ampitheater in Wilmington, North Carolina. Here he is, the man, the myth, the mustache…

Donavon Frankenreiter - Wilmington, NC - 08/09/09 

Song Listing
1) Girl Like You
2) Bend in the Road
3) Sing a Song
4) Free
5) Call Me Papa
6) What'cha Know About
7) Life, Love, and Laughter
8) Your Heart
9) Swing On Down
10) Move By Yourself
11) That's Too Bad

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Donavon Frankenreiter   Move by Yourself
  Pass It Around
Purchase on Itunes            

Check out tour dates for Donavon Frankenreiter here.

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Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:28pm EDT

Starting today you can watch several acts from Lollapolooza streaming live. Check the site below for a list of performers and broadcast schedule, I'm especially excited for Ben Harper and Relentless7 this Saturday at 9:30pm.

Lollapalooza 2009

Category:Feature Streams -- posted at: 2:37pm EDT

With this show I am celebrating the 50th episode with a band that I have been dying to feature for quite some time. I have not seen many recordings of Kings of Leon on the net, but the quality of this recording made it a shoo-in for this milestone podcast. I’m guessing most listeners of this podcast have heard of Kings of Leon by now as their mainstream exposure has sharply increased within the last year. It is only on their current tour that they have been headlining larger venues in the US, while they have been playing in front of huge audiences in the UK for the past several years. A strange fact when you consider their hometown of Nashville, TN. It was probably inevitable that their days of smaller venues wouldn’t last, so feel very lucky if you got to see them. I think you will agree that they were destined for the big stage after hearing this recording of their June 27th, 2009 concert in the 17,000 capacity O2 World arena in Berlin.

If you enjoyed this podcast click the following link to download the full concert.
Kings of Leon - Berlin, Germany - 6/27/09 

The source for this show is only available in FLAC format so if would like to convert it to MP3 for your Ipod or other portable media player I recommend downloading a free program I developed called the Ultimate Live Music Audio Converter. This is the easiest way to convert FLAC or SHN files to MP3 and also has handy features like automatic tagging and updating of your Itunes library with converted files.

Song Listing
1) Notion
2) Be Somebody
3) Molly's Chambers
4) Fans
5) Closer
6) Crawl
7) Charmer
8) Sex On Fire
9) On Call
10) Use Somebody
11) Knocked Up
12) Manhattan
13)Black Thumbnail

Support the artists by buying music and watching them live!
Only by the Night   Because of the Times
  Youth & Young Manhood
Purchase on Itunes   Purchase on Itunes
  Purchase on Itunes
  More from Itunes...

Check out tour dates for Kings of Leon here.

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Category:Podcasts -- posted at: 9:09pm EDT

Jack Whites new project The Dead Weather kicked of their album release with a stop at the 9:30 club in Washington, D.C. featured on (you guessed it) NPR's Live in Concert series.  The new album Horehound is rockin' and hopefully I'll be able to feature a podcast episode of them sometime in the near future.

The Dead Weather - Washington, D.C. - 07/14/09 

Support the artists by buying music and watching them live!

Horehound           More from Amazon...
Purchase on Itunes        
  More from Itunes...

Bonus video!
Category:Feature Streams -- posted at: 4:27pm EDT

UPDATE: The file conversion section of this tutorial has been modified from its original version.  The old method of converting shn/flac files has been replaced with a new application that I developed called the Ultimate Live Music Audio Converter (Ulmac for short).

If you are trying to find out the easiest way to download full shows of the music that you have heard on the podcast or just want to know how to download live music in general you've come to the right place.  Listed below are step by step instructions for downloading and playing live music recordings.

Finding live music
There are many websites that host live concerts but here are some of my favorites:

You can also browse the links section in the pane to the right for more.

Note: I have only tested the applications listed below on a Windows XP system and cannot guarantee that compatible versions exist for other operating systems.

Downloading it
Some websites will allow you to download the files directly such as with  Others use torrent files to allow you to download the files from a peer-to-peer network (,, etc).  To download these files you will need to have a bit torrent client.  I personally use uTorrent, which is a free open source program which can be downloaded here.  There are many others to choose from, but another popular client is Azereus.  I have found that the easiest way to manage my downloads is to create a folder to store downloads that are in process and another to store completed downloads.  In uTorrent this can be set up from the Options->Preferences menu under the Downloads section.

Listening to it
Depending on the file type of the music that you have downloaded you may already be able to listen to it with existing software on your computer.  Typically, however, you will find live music downloads in SHN or FLAC format and additional software installations may be required.   These file types are typically used, since they preserve the same quality as the original recording.  I prefer to use Winamp to listen to these file formats because it is very easy to add plugins to it which enable this ability.  If you don't already have Winamp you can download it here.  Once you have Winamp installed you can download the plugin for FLAC files here and for SHN files here.

Converting FLAC/SHN files into other formats
Converting FLAC/SHN files into other formats can be accomplished most effectively by installing the Ultimate Live Music Audio Converter here.  This is a cross platform application I developed that supports conversion of shn, flac, and wav files to mp3 or ogg. Other advanced features include automatic tagging using a set list file, automatic scanning of download folders for new files, and import of converted files into an Itunes library.

Note: The taping community encourages conversion to MP3 for personal use, but if you are going to be trading files only use the original SHN or FLAC versions to preserve the quality.

Burning a CD
To burn a CD with your live music downloads use the converted WAV files and your favorite CD burning application.  If you need to download a CD burning application you can install CDBurnerXP Pro here.  Before burning your CD make sure that any option to add gaps between each track is turned off, this can be very annoying when listening to a concert.

Category:Help -- posted at: 3:02pm EDT